Summers Place of Refuge is a voiunteer-led organization and your assistance is our greatest asset, as you work one-on-one with the children.   Whether you grow with us as an Intern, parent or caregiver, we value your knowledge and expertise.


Kindly contact us and we will provide you with the details and information on how to sign up to assist us in this great cause for Exceptional Children. 


You may email a Letter of Inquiry, or your resume to:

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Summers Place of Refuge believes that Exceptional Children should have avenues that flow with limitless opportunities to grow to their fullest potential. Our programs assist in these efforts and allow the children to do this, regardless of any limitations that may be placed elsewhere. As parents, we know that you want the best opportunities for your child.

Join us by volunteering a portion of your time to ensure your child receive these valuable opportunities to learn, have fun and grow in a place where encouragement is the primary focus given to your child.

Only with your active participation can these programs be a success for your child.

We are currently reaching out to educators and interns to offer their expertise by volunteering to assist us in these programs. ​The hours are limited and the experiences gained are invaluable.



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